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That&39;s a good way to remember that a sector is a specific part of society or the economy, made up of similar elements — like the health care sector or the education sector. (TNG: "The Most Toys" display graphic). (TNG: "The Emissary") When the shuttlecraft Cochrane achieved warp 10, it collected data describing "literally every cubic centimeter" of the sector they were in – an amount of information exceeding five billion gigaquads. Each sector comes with its own characteristics. Several sectors could be.

Sector&39;s Edge is a brand new free-to-play first person shooter with a completely destructible environment, set in a futuristic galaxy with chaotic 8v8 battles. Open an Account We offer a wide selection of mutual funds and ETFs across the GICS sectors. A sector was an area of space framed by an artificial boundary for political, economic and military organization. 1 History 2 Sector maps 3 Appearances 4 Sources 5 Notes and references Groupings of inhabited systems organized themselves into informal sectors from before the Infinite Empire. Join GoogleCloudPSSummit from wherever you are. Track the latest movement in the ten major S&P sector indexes. Investors can use sectors as a way to categorize the stocks in which they invest, such as telecommunications, transport, healthcare, and financials. A "typical" sector, if such a thing could be said to exist, might encompass 7 million cubic light years, equivalent to a cube with sides almost 200 light years.

Updated 4 minutes ago Hackers Used Obscure Texas IT Vendor to Attack U. This was the central sector of the United Federation of Planets in which the Sol system and Vulcan system were located. 18 synonyms for sector: part, division, branch, category, arm, sphere, stratum, subdivision, area, part. 2 The galaxy was divided into a little over 1,000 sectors.

Sector investing offers targeted exposure to the stocks of companies in specific segments of the economy and can help you pursue growth, diversify your portfolio, and manage risks. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) In other cases, they were given a designation consisting of both a name and number, such as Rhomboid Dronegar sector 006. A supportive 3D molded footbed enhances comfort and fit, which is adjustable via dual BOA® L6 dials featuring 1 mm adjustment and macro release. (TOS: "Balance of Terror") The sector containing the Murasaki 312 contained at least four complete solar systems. · A sector is one of a few general segments in the economy within which a large group of companies can be categorized. · A sector is an area of the economy in which businesses share the same or a related product or service.

1 Known Planets in this Sector 3 Residents 3. A planetary sector contained a number of solar systems. Sector ETF products are also subject to sector risk and non-diversified risk, which will result in greater price fluctuations than the overall market. SecTor will not provide invitation letters or immigration assistance. SECTOR Sectors & Industries Performance is represented by the S&P 500 GICS® (Global Industry Classification Standard) indices.

Each arc is a sector that usually holds 512 bytes of data, and is given a sector number for interleaving. See full list on memory-alpha. Check Out our Selection & Order Now.

The game is developed by the two man team at Vercidium using their custom engine and assets created from scratch, with a focus on optimisation and fun, balanced gameplay at its core. 3 Under the rule of the Galactic Empire, individual sectors were placed under the authority of a Moff, or sector governor. (TAS: "The Lorelei Signal") In preparation for Operation Lovely Angel, the USS Enterprise-D scanned all sectors located within three light years of the Oneamisu sector.

Special events are displayed in brackets. Sector Z-6 encompassed both Federation and Romulan space, and during the 23rd century, included seven Earth Outpost Stations, the Romulan Neutral Zone, and Romulus and Romii. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders! com, the world&39;s most trusted free thesaurus. Our most common use of the word sector refers to a society’s divisions.

Riker felt that the warp coil was perhaps one of the greatest advances in Humanity since the 22nd century, explaining that "before there was warp drive, Humans were confined to one sector of the galaxy. How to use sector in a sentence. © - SECTOR | Version: Website - 4.

a section of a circle whose sides are a part of the circumference and two straight lines drawn from the centre to the circumference. A division of a storage medium on a hard drive or diskette that is a wedge shaped section of one of the circular SECTOR tracks. What is sector number? 4 | Environment: Prod |. The size of a sector varies according to local demands and stellar density. Antonyms for sector. (TOS: "The Galileo Seven") The sector containing the planet Iconia contained three systems whose inhabitants had several cultural similarities with the Iconians. A sector was an area of space or land framed by an artificial, conventional boundary.

Last % change is the nominal change in the price of the index from the previous trading day&39;s close expressed as a percentage as of the index value at the time noted in the Date & Time field. 1 Sectors were also regional political divisions. . The diskette or disk is also divided into a number of concentric circles.

More SECTOR images. Dividing the circular medium into pie slices is a way to organize it so that data can be located by the read/write heads of the drive. 2 days ago · Sector definition: A particular sector of a country&39;s economy is the part connected with that specified type. What is industry vs sector? The latter number, such as the 053 in subsector ref 321-053, was the angle at which the subsector was being viewed on screen. Sector 9 stocks the highest quality Skateboard Decks, Completes, Wheels, Trucks, Tools & Accessories for the surf and skate lifestyle! sector noun C (ECONOMIC AREA) C1 one of the areas into which the economic activity of a country is divided: In the financial sector, banks and insurance companies have both lost a lot of money.

The sector of the sector directive in government procurement in the European Union; Computing. a section or zone, as of a city. Sector 2814 was one of 3600 sectors into which the Guardians of the Universe had divided the universe. The terms industry and sector are often used interchangeably to describe a group of companies that operate in the same segment of the economy or share a similar business type. Leaders from across government and education gather for thought-provoking panels, keynotes, customer success stories and more. In Federation nomenclature, the Sol system and Earth were located in Sector 001. 1 Year % Change is the nominal change in the price of the index from previous. a distinct part, especially of society or of a nation&39;s economy: the housing sector; the SECTOR educational sector.

It is an instrument consisting of two rulers of equal length joined by a hinge. Here is a table of all sectors ranked by the minimum and maximum amount of beacons they can have. · Latest Sector News. Register today → goo. More SECTOR videos. 0/reviews).

An economy can be broken down into about a dozen sectors, which can describe. (TNG: "Samaritan Snare"). Sector definition is - a geometric figure bounded by two radii and the included arc of a circle. Subsectors were also numbered, for example Subsectorswithin sector 450/32450 (TNG: "Conspiracy" display graphic) and subsector refwithin sector 30-489. Public sector, portion of the economy composed of all levels of government and government-controlled enterprises.

Visiting a nebula beacon here will slow down the Rebel Fleetonly by 20% instead of the regular 50%, due to them being prepared for a nebula sector. It&39;s worth noting that in nebula sectors the nebula beacons do not function like regular nebulae. A subsector was a region of space smaller than a sector and located within sectors. . a designated defense area, usually in a combat zone, within which a particular military unit operates and for which it is responsible. See full list on ftl.

The Sector combines a supple, breathable Synchwire™ upper with a stout carbon-composite plate and an aggressive, dual-injected rubber outsole for excellent traction that won&39;t de-laminate or break down. The term "sector" usually refers to the entire single arc. The conference provides an unmatched opportunity for IT Security Professionals, Managers and Executives to connect with their peers and learn from their mentors. Sector sounds like section, doesn&39;t it? " (TNG: "A Matter of Time") When the USS Enterprise was probed while en route through an unfamiliar sector of space in 2269, the crew was able to determine the source as being from a planet in the Taurean system, a system located twenty light years away, at the extreme edge of their sector.

What is the use for sectors? It can also be thought of as an industry or market that shares common operating. A sector is an Imperial astrographical and political division of space that is one of the constituent territorial units of a Segmentum of the Milky Way Galaxy. Each sector was assigned one, and later two, members of the Green Lantern Corps. sector 550 watch - rC Chronograph 550 Vintage collection; steel bracelet, steel and aluminium bezel, luminous hour markers, 42 mm case and WR 10ATM. The pictures below show a few examples of circle sectors - it doesn&39;t. (TNG: "The Wounded") While en route to the planet Barisa Prime in 2371, Captain Benjamin Sisko noted that the closest ship in that sector, the USS Ulys. The sector, also known as a proportional compass or military compass, was a major calculating instrument in use from the end of the sixteenth century until SECTOR the nineteenth century.

· An inquiry into growing Australia&39;s agriculture sector to AU0 billion by has highlighted that digital technology will be key to driving growth in Australia&39;s agriculture. Find more ways to say sector, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus. Please contact ca for more information. Synonyms for sector in Free Thesaurus. A nearby sector that was threatened by the Klingon sleeper ship IKS T&39;Ong contained thirteen Federation colonies.

The Galactic Republic was the first body to attempt a large scale application of standardized sectors. Agencies At the epicenter of the most sprawling cyber-attack in recent memory is a two-decade-old. The perfect and contemporary restyling of the iconic Sector 550 model. The general definition of the public sector includes government ownership or control rather than mere. Cylinder-head-sector, an early method for giving addresses to blocks of data on a hard drive; Disk sector, a subdivision of a track on a disk; Sector, or zone, in portal rendering; Sector/Sphere, an open source software suite; Other uses.


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